Small Works

Nantucket, 2019, 30 x 40"

Autumn I, 2019, 30 x40"

Terra 4, 2019, 12 x 12"

Autumn II, 2019, 22 1/4 x 30"

Terra 5, 2019, 12 x 12"

Terra 3, 2018, 12 x 12"

Ornette #13, 2016, 12 x 12"

Monk and the Nun, 2005, 46 3/4 x 37"

Chasin' the Trane, 2004, 47 1/2 x 43"

Ornette’s Waltz, 2004, 47 x 46 5/8"

Pacific Plates II, 2015, 46 x 44 1/2"


Steve, I think these are amazingly intricate and well-developed 12 X 12's (remember Anita Ekberg in that Fellini movie? “Let me show you my 8 X 10's!”). I love the thickness of the paint, the modulation of the colors and the way (painter’s point of view: your buyers may not see it) that one thing leads to another in the course of making the painting.
    Just gotta say, though: in a way it brings out my preference for the non-jazz stuff. In the jazz series, you’re committed to verticals surrounded by areas that need to be filled one way or another; but I don’t think there’s enough of an agenda, a plan, in filling the space around the vertical figures. The colors and the handling of texture are are always exciting, but sometimes the spaces just sort of trail off away from the figures.
    Whereas the non-representational things you were doing, even when they were obviously coastal scenes, had business to take care of all the way to the outer edges of the canvas in every direction, so there was always a total composition.
    That’s my worst criticism. You’re a fabulous painter, and these little guys show you at your best, a total master of your craft.     –P